‎”I hope we can come together as a nation around the simple belief that food is important.” ~Curt Ellis

On Earth Day 2009 President Obama signed legislation that would create a subset of AmeriCorp to help combat the incredibly pressing matter that is child obesity in this country and thus the first FoodCorp team was created.

In a country where only 2% of its children don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables (USDA) and 50% of children of color are expected to develop diabetes in their lifetime, FoodCorp hopes to change all of that by using a formula of nutrition education, engaging children by growing fresh fruits and vegetables in their school gardens, and access to healthy food in their school cafeterias. FoodCorps programs are located in high-obesity, limited-resource communities where the children are far more vulnerable and the access to quality and affordable whole food is virtually non-existent. In some community there is literally ZERO access to fresh produce, can you imagine?

Child obesity and a lack of knowledge about food and nutrition is one of the most important issues we are facing right now and unlike many other issues we are up against this one has a clear cut answer: knowledge and accessibility! I feel that FoodCorps is going to make a real impact on our future, now only if we could do something about these crop subsidies we would really be on our way. However, I will leave that for another post.

Read a really inspirational interview with Curt Ellis, a FoodCorps founder:http://www.linktv.org/about/blog/post/1124/world-food-week-interview-with-foodcorps

For more information on what FoodCorps is all about or to find out how to get involved, check out their website: http://foodcorps.org/


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