Madison: Best of…

A little known fact is that aside from boasting the most refined cheese selection in town, Fromagination has the number one ready-made lunch in the universe. Yes, the entire universe. For a mere $9.00 you have your choice of six different sandwiches made with incredibly high-quality product that each come with a side of gherkin, a bag of kettle chips, as well as a piece of Dean & Deluca dark chocolate.

When I am lucky enough to make it in for lunch my go-to is the smoked chicken sandwich with a Wisconsin German-style Ader Kase creamy blue cheese and tarrgon dressing on a Madison Sourdough French rustic baguette. Ader Kase blue cheese is a perfect, mild & creamy blue cheese that is made in Seymour, Wisconsin and is one of my favorite cheeses. Even if you aren’t a blue cheese person, you could get behind this 100%.

If you are looking for a meatless option their delicious veggie sandwich made with chopped chickpeas, pappadew peppers, black olives, a perfect lemon confit, parsley, and a Wisconsin cheddar cheese is like eating summer on a focaccia roll.

Aside from the variety of sandwiches they also have a daily flatbread and soups, salads, ice cream, a variety of micro-brews, and wine. There are no tables inside, so during the winter months this is strictly a take it and go sort of place. But during a perfect Madison summer you can grab your lunch and sit at their wrought iron cafe tables under a grouping of trees on the Capitol square.

In short, do yourself a favor and get down there! While you’re at it grab some Underground sausage and a wedge of Pleasant Ridge Reserve, you will not regret it.

Fromagination’s Lunch Menu


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