An Underground Kitchen/Graze Pop-Up.

Back in August my beloved Underground Kitchen had the opportunity to take over service at Graze for the night thanks to the generosity of Tory Miller, the owner and head chef of L’Etoile and Graze. The evening featured a prix fixed six course meal, served family style, that started with what had quickly become Kitchen’s signature cocktail, the #11, made up of fennel, ginger and Death Door’s gin. Course one was a bowl of corn soup served with a relish and goat confit. That was followed by a burnt cavetelli with braised oxtail, a polenta panzenella, salmon with fennel, parsnips and radish, a roasted shaved veal with a horseradish aioli, and finished off with a dessert of berries and stone fruit served with vanilla pudding in a hand-pressed cone.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity to try all of the courses but it was such a perfect night, I got over it. Serving wonderful food with my fantastic friends and co-workers again to a group of guests that were so excited and supportive. The day Kitchen re-opens will be a very happy day for this now defunct server.

The WPT show “Wisconsin Foodie” stopped by to check out what was going on and the episode aired recently. Check it out, and if you look closely you’ll see me a few times!

The Isthmus also reviewed the dinner and click here to see what they thought!



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