We all have our own private shame, and mine comes in the form of really bad tacos…

I love tacos. Particularly crappy tacos. Seasoned ground beef resting in a slightly stale hard shell corn tortilla, topped off with a peculiar shredded “yellow cheese” and “white cheese” blend, shredded iceberg lettuce, diced tomatoes and a gigantic dollop of sour cream. The kind of taco I love wouldn’t even be remotely recognizable anywhere outside of these illustrious 50 states of ours as a taco. That is something I am okay with.

All serious food lovers harbor this secret shame for deep fried this or fast food that and if they say they don’t they are unequivocally and without-a-doubt lying to you. When I read this article I found it too right on not to share.

“Eating in the Age of Shame.” Chow.com


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