I’ll Never Make Plain Pancakes Again!

I love weekends for a variety of reasons, one of which is breakfast! Weekdays are so rushed, I am lucky if I remember to grab a banana on my way out. Weekends, however, are reserved for a long, drawn-out brunch with friends or trying out a new recipe. This morning we opted for the latter, and it was a big success! I have had my eye on this recipe for honey date pancakes for a few weeks, and now that I’ve made, them they have ruined me for plain pancakes forever! Super quick and super easy and super awesome!

The honey flavor comes through quite a bit more than I had anticipated, and I’m pretty pleased about that. I would suggest making sure that you are using real honey. You want to make sure that whats coming through is the taste of genuine honey and not the dull sugary gel that is the highly processed supermarket bear bottle honey. I am partial to Gentle Breeze honey out of New Glarus, but of course if you aren’t in Southern Wisconsin you’ll have to find your own locally harvested brand of choice. The honey flavor is so obvious in this recipe that I don’t even think syrup is necessary, to be honest, particularly with the dates adding a not terribly subtle fruity element. The recipe doesn’t specify but I would suggest dicing the dates, otherwise you’ll be left with giant clumps instead of small date chunks throughout.

Honey Date Pancake Recipe By Food Republic


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