Salvatore’s Tomato Pies.

I’ll admit it, I have an intrinsic bias against suburbia. So, when my suburban bound friends, Steve and Lindsey, suggested that we try Salvatore’s Tomato Pies in Sun Prairie I was immediately suspicious. After a quick inspect of their website my suspicion quickly turned to intrigue. The ingredient choices were interesting and thoughtful (Underground Meats, come on!) , and I was actually excited to check it out.

Located in a typical strip mall, the decor left everything to be desired. It was clear though that some semblance of an effort had been put forth, however misguided it may have been. The service, on the other hand, was lovely. Our server incredibly friendly to the point of overdoing it, but it was clear that she took pride in the food she was serving. Additionally, a few minutes into our pies the chef stopped by to check on everything, which is always a great touch. When we told him how delicious his pizza was he was beaming. Adorable!

We started with a bottle of Pinot Noir and their family style salad. The salad was nothing terribly unique: greens, red onions, carrot shavings, ricotta, tomatoes, and cucumbers tossed in a citrus vinaigrette. The ingredients were fresh, and although the combination wasn’t terribly creative, it was delicious. And frankly, $7.00 for a heaping plate of fresh greenery can’t be bad.

We decided to order two pies: the nightly special of chicken basil and the fig with bacon pie. The crust was soft and airy, but not chewy, one of the most notable pizza crusts I’ve ever had. The chicken basil pizza was good, very good. The chicken bits were super moist, which is unusual for chicken that has been baked on a pizza. It seemed to have been marinated in a sweet soy sauce perhaps? The shining moment of the meal, however, was when I bit into the fig, bacon, and gorgonzola pie making it my absolute favorite pizza combination on earth. The subtle sweetness of the figs and the creaminess of the gorgonzola was nearly too much to handle. The bacon was crispy but not too overpowering, like bacon tends to be. There was nothing wrong with this pizza.

After my dessert of pistachio gelato with fresh strawberries, we sat for a while and commiserated over the simple, yet perfect, dinner we had just shared. Salvatore’s isn’t good for Sun Praire, it’s just good. Salvatore’s has officially surpassed Pizza Brutta as my favorite pizza in town.


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  1. Hey there; really glad you liked our food! Sorry about the decor…my wife and I put this together with pretty much every penny of our retirement savings. By the time we got to decorating, the budget was pretty much spent. But in time…who knows? But really for us, it’s about the food more than anything. Hope to see you again, and thanks so much for the high praise!

    Owner- Salvatore’s Tomato Pies.
    Twitter @tomatopies

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