My passion for food was something that I came to on my own, as it was not something that was terribly important in my house growing up. Frankly, it didn’t even cross my mind in any sort of notable way until I was 24 when I realized that not only did I like eating good food, but I liked cooking it and knowing where it came from.

My casual interest in tracing the foods journey to my plate shined a light on a terribly flawed industrial food system in our country. From stifling government subsidies to our debilitating public school lunch program, I truly believe that education is all we need to turn this problem around. If the masses realized the effects that the industrialized food system had on their bodies and our environment they would demand a higher standard. Similarly, the government needs to also realize how beneficial it would be to our society as a whole to push healthier food initiatives and regulations.

As well as that super heavy shit I really, really, realllllly like eating food and trying new restaurants and regional cuisines wherever I go. I like keeping up with the culinary scene in various cities around the country, and food trends are something I find really fascinating. I am most often drawn to  the farm-to-table and whole animal style of cooking, with a French twist. Which doesn’t come as much of a shock considering how important I find the localization of food.

In short, I love learning about food, cooking food, eating food, and discussing food and food policy. This blog was created in the fall of 2011 as an outlet for all of that love. I hope you find what I have to say interesting.

“I will have close to 90,000 meals in my life and I want them all to be memorable.” -Anonymous 


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